Kanye West Interrupt Taylor Swift Gmod Parody

Some of you might know about the little drama that went on this years MTV Music Awards.

Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift a few seconds after she got her price and tells Beyonce should have won.
I don’t have any opinion in that question but though i think it was really bad style of Kanye to just grab her mic and say that…

So i decided to make a Garry’s Mod video on that :smiley: and this is my first real attempt to do a Garrys Mod video :slight_smile:

I would like some feedback comments and i hope i can get up with more better videos, when i get ideas :slight_smile:

It was good.
But you didn’t need to do the hacks…

Also I predict das boo shitt will make fun of the kanye west situation.
This post is proof of prediction.

Yeah, like ScoutKing said, the hax’s joke was uncalled for.
But i suppose you put it in there to keep the 12 year olds happy.

Mistermild, that was a good video, and Imma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time.

Awesome video :mmmhmm:

It was pretty funny and well done, but I have to agree with the others, the “Haaax” joke is overused :v:

Basically i ran out of ideas. And when i randomly gathered the crowd with all the stuff i wanted i put Dr. Hax there just for fun. Then when i didn’t have any idea for an ending i used him.

I can agree that it was a bit unoriginal but i didn’t care then. I was sick that day :stuck_out_tongue: