Karadom's request

Hello. This is my first post, but I’m not new to Garry’s mod.
I would like to make a request of a ragdoll of this:

Perferably in Team Fortress 2 style. Half life is ok but as I said, I would prefer TF2 style.

no, you won’t get it
that much i can almost guarantee
fp don’t much like making new models from scratch which requires a lot of effort, your better off asking for a reskin of a exsisting model

wish means, looking though garrysmod.org at all the ragdolls, find one that looks good, come back here request a new skin, then be told to do it your-self

all in all, very… VERY unlikly this will ever be done

^ This

  • Also why would someone put an effort into pointless cartoon character.

It was worth a shot…