Karbine's Trial Truck

For Tibbles’ thing. 550 hp ACF v12 diesel in it. Goes vroom

Move 'em out

Absolutely superb! Two questions, what does ACF mean, and what map is that?

Is that your old Cummins engine that you made like 3 years ago?

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what the fuck did you use for the smoke?

It’s so hard to tell how many alts karbine has, and who they are.

I could have sworn you were one of his alts, Devon.

karbine karbinev2, amplar, amplar2, karbinev4, spacetoe. I think there’s another one or two in there.

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also those wheels are might fine.

that looks damn fine. i love how the engine is open for display like that. and the smoke is a really cool effect. was it done with particles?

yeah, i just stripped the engine block off of it. also, particle maker.

made me wanna build with LEGO again

fucking ace dude