As you all know in the TTT gamemode you get banned if you rdm.I would like to change it so you would get jailed at the next preptime. Can anyone tell me how i could do that?


As your question/request is related to LUA you should consider taking a look at the Facepunch LUA Section. LUA Developers ain’t very active in the Help & Support section so you should try to post a thread in the Question or Request sub-forums of the Facepunch LUA Section!

Okay i’ll try there. Thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile:

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I got another question. How do i make a map list for my server since i keep getting de_dust2 and such maps in the voting map area.

Here’s a few things, I would not jail them because they could spawn on weapons then kill everyone from their cage, I also would think that just one RDM isn’t a ban… I would just keep good admins on your server.

Why jail when you can freeze, way easier. People don’t spawn directly on weapons either i don’t think, if you did decide to jail them… But they could certainly block areas depending on how big this jail cell is.

Yeah could freeze them as well :stuck_out_tongue: they won’t get spawned on weapons i can change the spawn points :wink: