Kaspersky finds Trojan in RusClient.exe

Today when I launched Steam, Rust updated and Kaspersky found and deleted a Trojan inside.
This is just weird, I mean I know this is because of the EAC, but still a lot of people won’t be able to play because of it.


I do believe the HEUR is for heuristics which means you antivirus sees the file as have some sort of pattern often associated with viruses but it is not a known 100% positive virus.

Some One Please Help Me : I have the same problem in this thread but the bigger problem is i Cant Play Rust. I Need Technical Help.

Go to your antivirus - quarantine and resore rustclient.exe. Then you should be able to play

If you can’t get the antivirus to un-quarantine any files from Rust, do this:

  • disable the active protection on the antivirus
  • verify file integrity of Rust in Steam to get it to redownload any missing files
  • create exceptions in the antivirus for RustClient.exe (and, if you’re using experimental, Rust.exe and RustClient.exe in the experimental folder both need to have exclusions)
  • re-enable antivirus protection

Also, kladnik, if you’re encountering this problem with legacy Rust, and not experimental, it’s not EAC that’s causing the false positive, because EAC is not being used by legacy. Instead, what’s likely causing the false positive is Cheatpunch. Cheatpunch is an internal statistics logger for gathering technical data about Rust, and it periodically sends data back to a server run by Facepunch. It doesn’t snoop on anything in the system, the only thing it cares about is Rust. It also has rudimentary anticheat protection, since garry was able to add it with just a bit of extra work and it banned over five thousand cheaters when it was effective. Both the basic anticheat and the data connections could trigger a generic “virus” false positive, because the mechanisms they use are things that viruses typically use, but legit software also has uses for as well.

No, I have this in experimental folder, so it should be EAC. :slight_smile:

Don’t use antiviruses, they’re snake oil and will interfere in any way possible, while sucking off your wallet.

In the super rare event that one does get a virus, it’s likely faster, easier, and more helpful to just format your computer and reinstall Windows or whatever your flavor of OS is.

There really aren’t that many viruses that people are vulnerable to if they just don’t download sketchy shit, which I understand is difficult for much of the world.

AKA: I agree. Just don’t bother with them at all!