Kasrkin Guards Holding Out In A Cadia Desert During A Storm


Dirt/sand is shit, please tell me how to improve that.
C&C, please?
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Good work Fuss, love the posing and editing, but is it possible you can edit the pic so it looks like the armor is more dirty?

If I could, I would’ve done it.

Pathetic slaves of the corpse emperor.

Looks good, but the dust could use some detail.

don’t just paint with a soft brush and blur it to shit, the sand needs texture to look realistic and better.

I would blend a grain filter into the brush stroke.

Now i remember what this reminded me of!

I would have agreed…
if it weren’t for the space marines.

Great work.

Kasrkins have massive backpacks connected to their lasguns, but otherwise it looks great.

the contrast and colours aren’t really what i was expecting. it’s not very gritty

Thanks for the comments guys.

@Chesty: Is that a bad thing?

pretty sure that’s only if they’re using hotshot lasguns


Also, I require more advice than “add texture” “add noise” on the dust/sand.

Actual detailed advice.

models …do want.

Talk to Bloocobalt about that.

The skins are homemade, however.

it’s not bad per se, the lighting just feels kinda flat. considering its an exciting subject, the lighting isn’t very exciting

dick about with the contrast and colour balance and you can get something a little more striking:


bit rushed and looks a little blurry cos i really lazily painted some grey into the background to remove some of the colour but you get the idea

(actually, that’s another point of note; make your backgrounds less contrasted and less saturated so that the various visual distances of your pictures don’t blend into each other (which is especially important in a picture like this when everyone is wearing camouflage against a background of the same colour))

It’s pretty.

Pretty lame!