Kasrkin in Imperial city evac tube.


Hurr cough tyranids cough
<3 Joazzz for edit.


Nice work with the gloves, Joazzz.

Fucking tyranids… atleast it’s not the Necrons…

Thats some bloody shit, I like it.


I bet those guys on the ground are dead.

If it was the Necrons, there wouldn’t be any bodies.


Oh, and the black guy has white hands.

I know, I’m just saying good thing they’re not necrons…

Thanks for all the comments guy.

Great posing and editing… have an “artistic” : )

Looks nothing like Warhammer to be honest , but it’s cool still.

Lol at the gloves.
Nice pictures, but the blood looks pasted on, that’s all.

Warhammer hasn’t been at the year 40,000 all the time. :downs:
Nah but there isn’t really any too good maps or 40K props.
Still thanks for all the comments.

Those aren’t Kasrkins. :saddowns:

Still a nice pose and edit though.

Shhh they have camo which makes them cooler than the ones without it. :argh:

The 40k models are private, we have to make do with what we have.

Because it is.

Oh fuck…

Nice :slight_smile: