Kasumi at the pool.

Practice poseing with the model.


Fear57 does it again :eng99:

Very sexy :3

I wish i could be floating in a pool in a chocolate donut as well! Oh wait thats not a donut is it :raise: .

I’m very fond of that tree.

All it needs is better lighting and it would be perfect.

Guys calm down, this was practice. I’ll make a serious one later.

If it’s just practice, why bother posting it?

I agree …
The only reason, i would post “practise”-pictures is if the “practise” was a very complex pose or (for me) hard editing and i would like to hear the comments or critisism by professionells.

By the way, i intended the same pose with an other model at the same map for Mr.Whitefolks Contest “Sexy Ladies” but i threw the idea away. :keke:

oh nice i love kasumi doa charactere but is really good pose