"Kay, this does not look good here, um..." +Bonus

Some random shit i made when i was bored.




The scout’s hands look kind of weird.

bad posing sorry, don’t use tf2 players in a non-tf2 map

The scout has a portal gun,he somehow maneged to get in the l4d world.

op is 12

op is 9

Op is a BABY! [/heavy

OP is fetus.

Welcome to Garry’s Mod.Please play nice!

OP is sperm.

OP is in his dads left testicle.

Why are you so mean?Just say my posing is bad,do not insult me please.

op is cry baby

OP is his father’s virginity.

my fav part of the first pic is the 'Welcome to Gmod!" message at the top. christ you’re so lazy you ddin’t bother to remove that

op is sad

he’s also 8

hey guys maybe he’s new at Garry’s mod and thought it was funny? Hmm take that in consideration.
He just took a screen shot on a server he was playing, but honestly it wasn’t good. But you don’t have to be dicks about it

OP is a zygote

Posters are being useless.

op is his grandfather’s sperm