Game Series: Banjo-Kazooie
Game from: Banjo-Tooie
Info: This is Kazooie from Banjo-Tooie. It took a while to get her here, but she came along, kicking and screaming and farting out battery eggs! Man those things shock you hard.

She is my first release to have faceposing. Like the Enginer from TF2, the yellow selection circle will not show up.[/release]


Silver Sonic still Unreleased at this time.

Please have my babies.

You have no idea how much I love Banjo-Kazooie.

Nintendo 64 good times

Amazing release, faceposing too? Shit…

One of the best 3D platformers made in Man’s history; just under Rayman 2. You are awesome for releasing this.

A bit (quite a bit, actually) on the low-poly side, but I can’t fault you for that. Good model nonetheless.

Until we can finally extract from Banjo 360 somehow, good work Glaber :downs:

Nice, I always loved the Banjo N64 series (xbox 1 sucks! its not the real rare making it). Do you plan to release more ported stuff from the Banjo Kazooie / Tooie games?

It’s highly possible.

Nice, now all we need then is someone to make a Banjo-Kazooie map ^^

Wow! This is your greatest work and release Glaber! Good job, by the way, great job at adding face posing. I don’t even think the original had expressions, so terrific!

I’ve always wanted to remake Click Clock Wood in Source, but it would require so much time and effort. I have like…no commitment to mapping anymore because I’ve grown tired of the SDK being in a state of utter shit.

I’d love to see someone remake Banjo and Kazooie in to models that are higher poly. That abomination that Microsoft shat out after they devoured Rare doesn’t deserve any porting in my opinion.

They didn’t, the expressions are all custom. Including the Cartoonish ones.

One thing I noticed is that she’s rather small. I didn’t notice this until I actually looked at the third picture closely and noticed the doorway is like 3 times her height.

Kazooie is pretty small anyway, she fits in a backpack.

If you compare her to Banjo when he’s riding her, they’re almost the same size. Banjo is just a little taller. I’d refer to her as “flexible” rather small in size. I guess the world they come from is essentially smaller in scale though since it’s all cartoony and whatnot.

The BK characters are actually smaller than HL2 characters, well maybe except a few characters.

Banjo is actually pretty damn small for a Bear, Mumbo is a midget and he’s still bigger

get banjo and we are done with this series of models

I wish somebody would just import Banjo and Kazooie from the sega racing