kdrugs - just like every other drug addon but new and buggy

kdrugs - big bold text is cool

– features –


= done

= wip

= not started


dynamic loading (specify name, id, ingredients, duration, and some functions)

dynamic ingredients (specify name, id (shorter name, internal), model, and amount)

3d2d drug name (looks ugly, lazy)

multiple base drugs (only one so far, lazy)

potency/quality (lazy)

custom names (e.x. renaming mdma to XTC or some shit, lazy)


easy to add ingredients (touch them and auto-added)

server/client content sync (uses net messages instead of netvars, lazy)

3d2d lab text (looks ugly, lazy)

gui, drug formula listing, drug descriptions (derma is easy, lazy)


drag and drop darkrp compatibility

config (only has settings for darkrp-related stuff)

– links –

github - instant download

– media –

Looks good but will it make just meth or other drugs? I only ask cause i use gdrugs and yours sounds interesting and close to gdrugs but i want to know if it will make meth like many other drug mods.

not yet – idk if it works on darkrp at all
++ there’s no gui so you just have to drag shit into the lab and press e and hope it makes something

added darkrp support && config