Ke$ha model?

Hey, just wondering if anyone out there has the time to make a Ke$ha model for me. Face/finger posing please, and it’s really just for a mockup music video for her.


Doesn’t have to be to scandalous. Preferably the last one.

dude have fun waiting , the only way this is possible would be from a close enough port for ke$ha than they would need to mod it to be more like her , i like the idea though

I don’t care. The model can just have blonde hair, I don’t care if it sticks out or not.

well then looks like its very possible :L

Exactly. So now it’s just a waiting game. :smug:

i like your style

I like your choice of people. :smug:


I like your choice in crayons.

I like your sense of humor. :neckbeard:

IAmNow you don’t want to know Killers style

Yeah, Miley Cyrus and crap like that.

Really, miley cyrus and now this annoying bitch?

Yes, but Miley is more of a bitch than Ke$ha. Ke$ha is more of a slut/skank.

Neither can sing, I’ll give you that.

Wait no one has made a model about a real person yet so keep waiting ._.

I have all the time in the world, because I still need to get Vegas.

You got yourself i good point there, well done.:science:

I try. :3:

So do you want the model?