Keaton's Models

I figured I’d put all of the models I’ve made and will make here for the hell of it.

Criticism is welcome and encouraged, although I’m cripplingly lazy, so I may or may not act off of it.

Mecha Naruto

I made this really quickly. Since the picture I’ve updated the textures to be shiny using an $envmap command.


Delphox and Shiny Delphox.

Mega Lucario

The legs are a bit funny.


Took zero effort.


This was already on the Valve Skeleton so all it took was a two minute qc change.


Someone fixed it for me.



Her breasts need to bounce a little bit more.


I don’t actually have a picture for this one.
Actually, it’s kinda broken - the eyes are transparent. It’s really confusing.

Sorry if making threads like this is taboo. I couldn’t find any rules for these forums so it’s a bit of a shot in the dark.
If you want my assistance converting models for Garry’s Mod I’ll do all I can to help but I’m not the best modeler out there.