Kebab mod for all gamemodes


No remove kebabs are allowed

This is the known and famous kebab mod with a swep included for eating the doner with ayran [with left click],

How to prepeare the kebab : You just add the entities to the f4 menu or you can get them via the Q menu under entities place the raw kebab entity on the stand entity which will cook it for some time then it will indicate that its ready on the 3D2D screen after that you can simply press E or <USE> on it to get the swep and eat your kebab & ayran enjoy!

Please report any bugs to either me or kralking we didnt have time to test this in multiplayer so we would like some feedback on it

Coding : Gorkem & Kralking067

Modelling : Bigboss & Bypolat

fuck yes.

Not going to lie those models are actually really good looking.

it is also animated [the doner part turns while cooking and the swep’s are wonderful :9]

Kebab mod has given me new hope in life.

All hail kebab mod.

Greek Souvlakia > Turkish Kebab

Other than that nice job.

i’m surprised at the amount of effort you guys put into this delicate mod

good job!

it was kind of my dream tbh to make this mod come true xd

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we’re superior m8 xd

This is what we really need, not some generic copy pasted printer addon.

well hmu with ideas on steam im not a good thinker :3

I opened this thread hoping it would actually be a REMOVE KEBAB addon. :frowning:

You should remove yourself from this thread than.

now tell me this addon aint good xd

Farming. Done.

No jk, this mod looks pretty dope

wish i could avoid some butthurt people though

such a original joke -_-

Mod of the year

Obligatory removal instructions

never gets old :3