Keemstar and Dylan "The Hacker Squad"

So this streemer called Keemstar came outside my house with his buddy “Dylan” i saw Keemstar going waaay faster then a bugatti and dylan’s m4 seemed to shoot 24rounds in less that 2seconds.
i think some admin shoud join with a account that is “undercover” and spectate them.
Slam the BanHammer


Although you’ve popped me in the head a few times when I’ve had my lovely Hatchet that looks like a Pistol these bastards are getting annoying. I’ve seen them speed off into the distance a few times and they always seem to patrol near our areas and get our friends with 1-2 shots of an M4.

Ban Hammer and more

Mate unless you have video proof nothing can be done.

go to and download fraps to record your screen while you play and upload it to youtube next time.

Keemstar has also “hacked” in his stream, he injected something or idk, that made him see the names very far away, that i would call a wallhack or ESP

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if they get in game and spectate them, or they check logs they can do lots of funny stuff

I wouldn’t call it a wallhack, but I would definitely call it an Esp.

what a retard, he even admitted it to me, and they are friends. is this proof enough?

From googling the name + Rust thats what I came up with and it looks like IF that is the same guy, he has a 2nd account he uses for “Legit” Purposes called goff3004 and plays with roflmuffin.

Speculation? Maybe.

" 14:30 KEEMSTAR: why do i see another player with my username running at the speed og light"

That made me laugh

Both have killed me. KEEMSTAR took all of my shit.

Those monster Frisbee’s!

look at my gyazo
dylan sent me that, like really? how dumb can u be…

I killed you, but I don’t see how that means I am a hacker? I would appreciate you not spreading this false libel against me when I have done nothing but kill you in a game.

If its false you won’t mind the Devs checking the Logs then and confirming that :smiley: As it was in War Z there was always 1 Hacker in a Group and the rest played Legit, letting the Hacker do all the leg work and they’d haul off the loot without being banned.

I’d also like to add Sqilmax to the list.

Teleporting/speeding and 1 hit kill from 100% with a Hatchet. Isn’t just me its happened to sadly but it seems the Kids from Facebook games have got their CE loaded.

he just came to my house again, i emtied my mp5 mag in im from 2 feet away, didnt seem to hurt him much…
i also heard his footsteps going papapapapappaap fast as hell

Wow, was it a full mag?

Can vouch for this, Both of them hack.

i had mp5 with 200rounds in total when they started placing charges at my doors. i jumped down, killed his partner (cant remember name) then we do a shootout and i hit him atleast 50rounds in total with all my ammo. when i died i had like 40rounds left…

Video proof of Keemstar speedhacking

i dont feel like playing before dylan and keemstar are gone…