Keen Fighters Build | Full SVN

Name: Keen Fighters Build | Full SVN
Game mode: Sandbox
Description: If your looking for a unique build server, with no minging, and strictly building, this is the server for you. Yes we allow racing, testing, and everything else that goes along with building, but we do not allow fighting. We have done our best to disallow every weapon, besides the ones that may be needed for wire. This should stop most minging, and help create a more peaceful environment. We encourage creating friends, and teaching, so all levels of building capabilities are welcome, just try to keep your building appropriate, and make it something that does not annoy, or interfere with others. We hope you enjoy this server, and eventually get more involved by joining our website and clan. Age is but a number so don’t be afraid to talk, just please don’t spam your microphone, and try to keep conversations appropriate.

Our head administration is hand picked, and have a very strong willpower to keep minging out. Although our head administration is hand picked by the owner, you have a choice on lower ranks. We do not pay much attention to normal player’s votes on administrations, but it may have an effect on the person applying for admin. Everyone has an equal chance at an administration position, and you choose what you do with that equal chance.

sounds cool :slight_smile: what addons do you have on the server?

Huh, Expression 2 is restricted on this server. I can’t guage from there which other tools might or might not be restricted, but I can safely ignore the server until that’s fixed.

E2 may allow for a lot of horrendously mingy contraptions, but a lot of the most complex and creative things you can do with wire are through E2. I use it in most of the things I build as a sort of shortcut to bypass using scads of gates or expression 1.

It’s up to you, your server. Still seems like a silly decision.

edit: Oops, e1 is restricted too. Yeah, this seems very silly.

edit2: Dear lord, you’ve got E2 and E1 restricted, but allow access to wire explosives, wire nailer, wire forcer, and wire igniter.

edit3: I’m not alone in thinking this, mind you.

Thanks for your advice! I was truly unsure about all of this but you do make a great point. Therefore, I will be doing all of the following:

Wire Expression 1
Wire Expression 2
Wire Forcer
Wire Igniter
Wire Explosives
Wire Nailer

Wire Nailer
Wire Forcer
Wire Igniter
Wire Simple Explosives
^^ None were on the list to be removed.
I made it possible to spawn the Remote Control and Laser Pointer only

You are an awesome server owner.

Most of the time, whenever someone makes a suggestion like this, over something far less, people flip their shit. The availability of E2 or E1 on a server is a huge decision compared to some of the things I’ve suggested in the past.

Thank you very much for taking my advice seriously and actually thinking about the subject. You are far too kind.

There is only one reason to have a public server, and thats to try to find something that everyone will enjoy. I really didn’t think about the points you stated, and that really changed my thoughts about it. So I thank you for the great suggestion.

what map is this server’s main map?

Sweetness, hopefully it won’t be like the last server that was posted on here.

we are on gm_contruct_flatgrass_v5 24/7

what do you mean

sorry, need to bump. Please send more feedback