Keep Console Commands

When I launch Gmod I always make a few commands in console to set a max fps and show fps. Sometimes I’ll forget until I’m in game, but then it won’t let me set an fps limit. Is there a way I can make it so these commands launch automatically with the game? Thanks in advance.

Right click on gmod select advanced launch options and type +fps_limit 100. That should do it.

Thanks. I assume this works for other commands as well?

Yeah. Just put a space and always follow the syntax +[COMMAND HERE]

Or make a cfg
(in the folder garrysmod\garrysmod\cfg).
You can open/create the files with notepad
You have 2 options in that:
1.Use an existing one
2.Make one

I recommed you use config.cfg(others like autoexec can give you problems)
Just put your commands in the file

Make a new .cfg file and put your commands in
When gmod is launched typ exec name.cfg replacing name with the name of your file.
(you can let it run auto but again you might have problems from that even though this time the chance is small).