Keep Corpses not working

at first i’m sorry for my english sometimes it is just bad.
my problem is that when i activate “keep corpses” there is after the npc dies a model but i can’t pick it up with the phys-gun. whe i shoot on it it moves mut it don’t loos any boddy parts. before one month it still worked. so why doesn’t it work?

Thanks Oberoth

losing body parts only works with the dismemberment mod. picking up bodies with the physgun not working is a know problem to me. I’d like a fix for this too!

It works perfectly fine for me, always has.

it didnt work for me for awhile, then it suddenly did after some arbitrairy update. i actually had the problem for like 5 weeks or so, then it just vanished.

ok i already reinstalled my gmod (too many useless addons and i don’t want to delete them by myself). now it works.