Keep Corpses on a dedicated server

I host my own server and decided to host one with dismemberment mod. Now, this mod is totally fucking useless for dedicated servers since ragdolls can’t be touched by the physgun once the NPC has been killed.
And the “Keep Corpses” checkbox is client side only.

I also tried “ai_keepragdolls 1”. Didn’t work.

So how do I make corpses stay on my dedicated server?

Look here:

I was asking about NPC ragdolls, not player ragdolls.

oh sorry. I thought it was for both when i first read it. should have read it more carefully.

Have you looked at this?

Again, the question is about how to make NPC ragdolls touchable with the physgun, not how to turn players into ragdolls.


Hello D: I really wanted to try and host a server where you slaughter people…

Seriously! :’(


ai_keepragdolls works fine for me.

is the bolded part the exact command you are using? all inside quotes?


Now I feel stupid, mine won’t work anymore. haven’t had it on in forever…sorry dude.