keep crashing on launch

At first i join a dark rp server then it crashed . after that i went to relaunch the game and just give me the blue start screen and then hl2.exe has stopped working then i tried all the launch codes and deleted/unsub all my addons
and restart steam and reinstall the game twice and still any help wil help


I have the same problem. GABEN HELP US!!!


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gaben HALP

I’ve had the same problems. I’ve done everything steam has suggested and anything that has came up for Google and all of them don’t work.

Yeah I have updated windows and have verified the game too!


For me Garry’s Mod launches but while in loading screen it says its not responding

Try validating the game files of any and all source engine games that Garry’s Mod pulls content from. Especially TF2.

For me it will open with the blue screen that says loading in a black box on the bottom right. (my game was in fullscreen ) Then it would close out of fullscreen and say hl2.exe (GMod) is not responding.

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I have tried that and had not worked

Thanks! it works now!

I had this problem as well, it was the TF2 files, thank you.