Keep die by a invisible thing!

Hey, something is chasing me and got in to my shark! I don’t know what to do, I got hit all the time and it is invisible, anyone got kill by it too?

Render bug. It’s horrible. Server needs to go down and this needs to get fixed before everyone loses everything.

I worked all morning on my house, alone i did a second floor house. For some reason my doors begin to vanish then i die without knowing how.

There goes a 4hours of work to someone :frowning:

It’s best if you all grab your stuff in your boxes and log out until it is resolved, or you’ll lose everything.

I’m doing that!

I also got killed by some invisible thing, and my house disappeared…

Seems as everything is invisible unless it’s the trees or buildings.

Buildings disappear as well.

i’ve seen around 6 buildings 5 mins ago when I was playing

players buildings is gone… the map buildings are still there for me.

It all depends on how far you travel. If you travel far enough, buildings won’t render.

If players come from that range, they’re invisible for you.

So all you would have to do is RE-log into the server every 5-10 minutes to render them,
The only problem with this is that it slows down the server every time you RE-Log

Also, there’s an issue with your inventory wiping at times if you relog.

Ghost of Garry !

No wonder you died…