keep dying with godmode and noclip on..

When I do noclip and I fly upwards, I suddenly die. Even with godmode on. Infact, I still get killed with godmode. I made sure sv_cheats 1 was enabled.

Which map is this on?

you don’t need sv_cheats set to 1 for god mode you can just use sbox_godmode 1 or something like that
Anyways like Corky said what map

Try buddha.

you will get damaged but the health will stay on 1 no matter if you run into a trigger_hurt area.

Ur doin it wrong.

gm construct. IDK what I did. It works on other servers. So far have not done any servers with construct. I recently reinstalled gmod and before it never did that…

Do you have Ragmod installed? If you do, and you noclip and sprint through the air, it reads it as you falling really fast…which triggers ragmod and “corpse-ifies” you.

now that you mention it… ya… thanks!
I was just playing spacebuild and I fell out of a planet and I kept dying as I fell so I would respawn where my coprse was falling so it was just an infinate loop.

Drving me nuts…

There’s a console command to disable it but I don’t remember what it is, sorry. Other than that you could just pull it out of your addons folder.

rm_ then keep hitting your down arrow until you find something about fall speed i think and disable it