Keep getting :1: unexpected symbol near '<'

So my problem is that I keep getting the error:

:1: unexpected symbol near '<'

In the console. It appears every ~5 seconds, sometimes a little later then the last time or sooner. I don’t have any lua files, and if I did it would appear as a name… wouldn’t it? It’s nameless and appears even in singleplayer. It’s quite frustrating because ever since this started coming I can’t use my G key (Normally bound to last weapon used.) or press any keys used for Vote functions (ULX Votes).

It seemed this first occured when I was playing in a favorite build server, then went AFK to get some snacks, came back and found out I was connecting to some random Dark RP server. Everything was still in the process of downloading and later found out the admin didn’t force people to connect to it. Everyone in that Build server got connected to the RP server. I don’t remember the name, nor anything else but I hate Dark RP.

Any ideas as to how I would fix this?



About to try and see what happens with my lua_temp folder deleted, didn’t have to be there either way.

code with the error in it preferably the file source code

Right, I know the lua’s got a problem. I don’t know which lua does because it’s not giving me a name.

Any idea where I would find it? I’ve never made a lua with a < symbol in it, I only started getting this error today.


Going to re-install garrysmod, keeping my addons, data and maps though.

Next time, just delete cache, lua, and lua_temp.

I think it’s doing that because the file isn’t 100% downloaded, and thus is borked.

And trust me, you aren’t the only one who hates being bumped around from server to server.


Thanks lavacano, I figured that out but thats pretty much what I did.