keep getting a connection error <-- not sure why it’s not working? any idea’s?

DDOS from some french people

it’s still the DDoS… I thought they sorted that out in a small update and normally i don’t get that error, I just get connection failed

ty for info

Hello, i"m french sorry my bad english,

i have exactly problem, how to solve?

Monday apparently a bunch of the servers are being restarted, which should mean an update to prevent the DDoS problems. Currently I think the Steam Master Server is down again.

So the official servers have not been updated yet? are you sure because they already told server owners to restart and it would be stupid if they haven’t reset their own

And… master servers? I duno… been a few problems on both sides

my server is always not updated, my version is 1059 and you?

I heard a rumour from someone claiming to say they spoke directly with Gary, so I’m only relaying what I heard. Who knows if it’s actually true.

for now all servers are unavailable

any one that cant conect to any servers???

supposedly there is series of french servers that are “unaffected”

yeh in my opinion they should be shut down while the DDoS is going

Why is this french bastard crashing every other server but his own, so now he gets to play unaffected while we all can’t play? It’s complete bullshit, If all of us can’t play no 1 should be allowed to, it’s damn right unfair, I hope they personally track this guy and ban him every single time he buys the game

Or hand him into the police so he can get arrested :slight_smile:

I completely agree with this. This absolutely absurd, people that just live to make our gaming lives miserable deserve nothing better than to be lit on fire.

My friends and I were discussing this; does anyone know the legality of DOS/DDOS attacks in France? A source would be great.

It’s legal everywhere, but only to your own network, to others it is against the law, i presume everywhere since the web laws are similar