Keep getting disconnected: Unresponsive

Trying to get rust to run right but keep getting disconnected

I play for a few mins and cant collect and resources (I hit rocks and trees but doesn’t register)

Ive read alot of forums trying to find a fix sounds like the EAC is whats causing me the issues but not totally sure

Things Ive tried.

Full reinstall of rust
Manual install of EAC
Run through steam and not
Run as DX9
Run as normal
Run as admin both EAC and Rust
Run through steamapps/rust/etc…
Got a new OPS (win 7)
Format drive and start again.
Removed all security progs

Checked F1 log but nothing logged just 3.0

Any ideas? I need some help.

If you have a paper map equipped that that is the cause of the problem.
If it is in your tools belt you get that described issue.
Get a fried to remove it from you (if possible), if not, try restarting your PC then joining the server and as soon as you join the the server and wake up drop the map and never use one again.

I have the same issue with the Disconnected: Unresponsive thing and it is always when I have a paper map in my tool belt, it does not matter on the server (be it official, modded or lan)

Nope I only got the rock and the torch, I cant collect anything it doesn’t register as collected.