Keep getting kicked from rust servers


I keep getting disconnected from rust about 20 seconds in the game.
Me and my friends have 3 computers connected to the same switch but it doesnt seem to affect any other games.

I would appreciate fast respons, i really want to play rust today! :slight_smile:

Is it the same server or multiple ones?
What does your ping look like on those servers?
Any error messages in the console?

The console just tells me, connection lost and the server ping was okay but i don’t know how i check my own ping.

How can you say that the ping is okay if you don’t know what your ping is?

There’s a number just to the right of the server browser, that number is your ping. You want the lowest number possible.


I said the server ping is okay, isn’t that the server ping?

Ping is the amount of time it takes for a packet to go from your computer, to the server, and back to your computer. So “your ping” and “server ping” are the same thing.
You want the smallest number possible. What is the ping on the server you are trying to connect to?

I have 50 in ping and yes it’s on multiple servers.

Okay so 50 is plenty low enough so that’s probably not the problem. You mentioned that you had 3 computers running through the same switch? Depending on the switch there could be a bottleneck there… or perhaps just too much bandwidth for your internet connection to handle at once.

I know you said that other games don’t cause problems but Rust is still very un-optimized so that could possibly be what’s causing your issues.

hmm maybe, we’ve played it before on lan parties, not in this house though.

Yea so a LAN connection will always be a LOT faster than an outbound connection because it’s all being handled by your switch and router which can generally handle a lot more traffic a lot faster. Having three computers connecting to a remote game server is kind of a different story. Maybe try just having one computer connect and see if you have better results.