"Keep going forward.. or else..." Suited man with a gun forces civvie to move


Also, I dunno, hostage or shoot down?

I think you mean “keep moving and I’ll shoot”

oh great whatever

Good thing theres a police car in the background.
Nice picture you got there mate but I dont get the sense of it.

what you mean

He doesn’t realyl get what is going on, the same with me.
Why that poor civvie is being pointed at with a gun?

Does he really wants everyone to notice he is pointing a gun to a innocent civilian?
I think he means that it makes no sence that he is holding a gun towards another person near people and police.

Nice posing.

Imma just says hes threating him in public

FOr candy!

Also I just noticed:
The two guys in the background both see the same penny on the ground!

That clarifies everything.

he put his tie on sideways

Lol yeah his tie goes crazy.

the windforce is strong

In a street flanked by tall buildings?


This thread needs some music :smiley:


yeh kinda

he is so stealthy, the other citizens are unable to see him using his Glock.
nice posing, though.

I’m not sure but uh no one is driving the white car in the corner unless its the shooter’s car…