Keep It Clean... Or Else

Hey guys,
Quick pose I did today,took around 30mins. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself considering this was my first time using particle effects. And yes I noticed his right hand is a bit strange but that’s as far as the fingers would go in. Feedback is much appreciated :smiley:
Thanks guys.

Well, for a first edit et.c it’s not bad. There’s some empty space at the top but besides that it’s okay.
By the way, remove the S in ‘https’ to correctly embed the video.

Thanks bro

It looks like you didn’t add in enough frequencies when you applied the super dof render.

The transition from flame to charred carcass is far, far too harsh. It looks exactly like it is – an already incinerated body propped up in the line of some flames. It also looks a LOT like the charple model’s reference pose. The cremator’s posing is also very unconvincing and limp. His right arm should be bent more, and his torso should be leaning into the position of the gun. Also, I’m not a big fan of the color matching. The top left is far too disparate compared to the rest of the colors in the scene; it’s all yellows and oranges and then suddenly there’s a big patch of overcast blue. Should’ve done some CC in post.