Keep M9K Sweps on TTT Server?

I was wondering, would It be wise to keep the M9K Sweps on my TTT server? I put alot of time into them and I’d save the files if I removed them. But they do take a long ass time to download when joining (from the workshop and it’s all 5 packs)

My server really likes them but it hinders more people from joining. The RPG is an Icon for the server so I’d keep that but do I even need these sweps? I know lots of TTT servers use them and it makes my server unoriginal. But I want your opinions.

Well, the M9K is a very, very popular swep pack isn’ it? Like, a lot of players are going to have it already, either from personal choice or already having downloading it

Unless you’ve used resource.AddWorkshop, which from previous experience, will make the client redownload them even if they already it, then I’d say it’s fine, honestly as long as you aren’t using every single one

Oh :frowning: Em what should I use other than resource.AddWorkshop? Should I extract them and use fox’s resource gen to add them to my fastDL? (compressing them before hand of course)

That’s what I’d recommend; it’ll only send it to those who need them that way

And the ones I’m not using (vast majority) I should not include in the FastDL yes? (It would be obvious that I wouldn’t but just to be sure)