"Keep Quiet", Joe and Sniper robot Struggling


Looks like that robot company cheaped out and used a biker helmet for it’s head. :v:

That’s actually pretty much how it looks in the Artwork.
And in Megaman, too.

The picture seems overly blue.

I never knew that. :saddowns:

I still can’t get over how detailed that ragdoll is

Is that the body from my Jack Knife personal skin? :v:

either way this picture is great.

Its head looks like Megaman combined to Hal from A Space Odyssey. Nice shading as always.

Indeed it is, good catch. Couldn’t find any other good body that has jacket.

Thanks everyone though, I was kind of sceptic if people would like this.

Nice one

I like the posing

Sniper robot makes me think of the bad guys from Dino Crisis 2.

Is this seriously a protomen picture?
make more valiant warrior of awesome


Like this?

Fuck yeah man, now whenever I listen to that song I’ll have this in mind. Someone needs to make a full model set for the protomen characters.


It’s okay bro, is that a head hack or just a bit of inflator work?

That’s one feminine way to hold on to a smoke.

Joe’s missing his sexy leather jacket.

But alas, it’s a Protomen-themed pose, which means it’s better than everything else.

He’s holding that cig like a jay.

you don’t hold cigs like jays.
you hold cigs like cigs

a peace sign with it held between the fingers is how you hold a cig.

Funny that no one pointed out that the robot’s name is Sniper Joe.