Keep sound going after TTT map reset

Again with my problem of trying to keep music going past a round reset on TTT, the map reset always stops sound for everyone is there anyway to bypass this.
Here the code for my sound it plays just fine but gets cut off like always.

		sound.PlayFile( song, "mono", function( station )
			if IsValid( station ) then
				EndRoundMusic.Station = station

When your restarting the map everything is stopped… Not sure if this is what you mean so sorry if i make no sense

If you’re talking about an actual map restart like a change back to the same one then that’s not what I’m talking about, I’m talking about how TTT resets the map for next round. My end round music starts at the TTTEndRound hook and is supposed to be stopped with the TTTBeginRound but it gets right when the round start preparing.

When the round ends it uses game.CleanUpMap which stops all sounds

I am not sure if anyone else knows a way around it as removing this code would more or less break the gamemode.

There is a booleon dontsendtoclients which may make the sounds not stop, but i cant say for sure.

You can find this code in the init.lua file of the trouble in terroist town gamemode.

It is possible. One of my old Jailbreak gamemode used to handle cleanups differently which only closed doors, deactivated buttons and removed or replaced broken props. We forgot to not remove things like decals which is why I can remember that being the reason. Our song would reach the peek and then the round would restart.

Give me a bit and I will try and find a fix for you.