Keep stucking on 20 FPS, no matter which quality. (My pc is able to run this game!)


The first I ran the game on “Fantastic” I had around 50 frames, but when I decided to join another server for my friends but it dropped to around 15-25 frames. And it wouldn’t raise up no matter which quality I took…
I have tried a couple of starting up commands but they wouldn’t help; I used these commands : -force-gfx-direct -force-d3d11 -force-feature-level-9-3 -popupwindow

Hope someone can help me ! I wanna play this game so BADLY! :stuck_out_tongue:

***My specs
CPU: Intel® Core i5 @ 2.80 GHZ
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 Superclocked - Overclocked to 940 MHz (clock was 840 MHz) - THIS IS STABLE!
Monitor/Resolution : Samsung 1920 X 1080
MOBO: Asus P8Z68-V

put off grass in the console, (F1) and then type in “grass.on false”. Hopefully it will do something :smiley:

Sadly this doesnt help anything :frowning:

Change servers? Stop using the commands? Update drivers? Reinstall the game?

Type in the Console Grass.Displacement false too.
This and the Grass.on false part gives me 10 fps more.

For a lot of player it isnt much,but for me its the difference between stutter gaming and smooth gaming

the unity engine and the way the game is created isnt optimised yet, but there is a balance between your cpu and gpu.

your gpu is fine as it is, however your gpu isnt the best, 2.7 i5 is ok, what chipset is it? if its a later model it should be okish, if its older model chipset, then i would pressume your cpu hasnt got what it takes.

example, i have an i7 2.7 GHz 2770 (i think) with 2 gtx560m 1.5gig each sli. 8gig ram yada yada…
I run the game and i struggle with fps a little.

My GF has a pc i built her, she has an i5(i think 4770k) overlocked to 4.2GHz, but only has a gtx460.

she currently gains atleast 20fps more than me.

and other games blows my spec out the water.

alll this being said, just wait, alpha game isnt optimized yet, Unity engine has a lot of optimization features you can do (i code in unity too), but the garry and the devs are focusing on content and functionality at the moment rather than optimizing, which is the correct thing to do for a early access.

Just wait a little should be sorted!

p.s (some servers have more entity’s than other due to population, age of server blah blah, thats why you get a decrease when server hopping, and may see an increase on a server with less entity’s.

Still it keeps locking at 20 frames for some reason… :frowning:

Are you playing on the dev build? because I recently had to opt out of it since I was also getting 15-25 fps.

EDIT: Once I opted out, I got my 40 to 50 fps back.

What are you guys using to check your FPS in the first place?

EVGA Precision

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Hey guys quick update I guess my problem is fixed. When I wanted to play F1 2013 I also had a 20 frames gameplay (it was kinda locked at 20 frames) and didn’t wanted to go up. Evga also told it was using 99% of my GPU. But normally I get around 70 frames in F1 2013. So I restarted my PC and I had clean FPS in F1 2013 back. Then I started Rust on “Good” quality and I had around 65 frames. So everything is back fine :).

Dunno what caused the problem, I can remember me that it happend some long time ago also. The only thing that F1 2013 & Rust have in common is that both games starts in windowed mode at low resolut. I always have to ALT + ENTER it to fullscreen.

Thx for the help btw. :slight_smile: