Keep the Mic always on

This may not be something Facepunch would ever do and I have a funny feeling this is not going to be popular with the people trying to “win” Rust, but hear me out and think how much it would change the game play. The game is hilarious and way more fun when you can hear people as they try and kill you. If your hiding and they are talking about where they think you are it can get intense. It’s also much more difficult to hunt in a packs using the in game voice. So I was thinking how could they force people only to use in game voice. The only thing I could think of is leave the mic always on! That way if your on Mumble,TS, or whatever your also talking on Rust. If you don’t want it on you can unplug it, inline switch, mute etc.

I get there are issues with it, but do you agree the game would be more interesting with only in game voice?

No. Nobody would play a game that forces your microphone on.

I’d very much like the option for an always on mic, but if it was forced to always on then that would suuuuck.

Speak for yourself not the community.

I would play it if it was like this. currently i think it would be useless(as i cant hear voice chat if they are more than like 5 feet from me, could be a personal issue not a game issue though) but it the volume was better it would work. some of the things we would hear would be priceless.

But it would drive alot of people away i think.

You want to hear my kids crying and wife bitching at me? Might be funny for 2 mins then gonna get old real fast.

lol ya

You can insert a match or put weight on the button. I have a cat, so I sometimes write abracadabra in game chat, and my mic is active without my consent .))

Would never happen as it would be an invasion of privacy, also most mic’s have mute which can be set up to a quick’key so not much point

its called the mute button on the mic. lol

Ahh you guys are missing the genius part of this. I know the mic can be muted, hell it can be unplugged. The point is if somebody wanted to use team speak, mumble, etc they would also be blasting into Rust :). So the silent packs of KOS would go away.

Ahh arm chair lawyer. If you install an app and you know it broadcasts voice is on while said app is running, it’s not an invasion of privacy. If your mad lawyer skills were true, teamspeak, google talk, mumble Skype (shall I go on) would all be an invasion of privacy.

You see when you install something on your computer that does something you know about, it consent.

Seeing the chat is bad enough.
You would have to pay me to listen to all the shit the players were saying.

That’s just a piece of good funny right there.

Even if you somehow locked the microphone to Rust, and only Rust (tbh, I don’t even know if it’s possible but hey, maybe) people could still just use laptops, phones, or just being in the same room IRL as each other to communicate instead of in-game.

Yeah, it sucks that people can be complete silent in game but still use Skype/Steam/whatever to communicate, but it’s basically impossible to fix.

I kind of see where you’re coming from and I think it would be fine if it was added into the game, but I don’t really see that happening. It would he nice if people couldn’t just hide behind mumble/skype/whatever, and would make it so you have to be a bit sneakier in a group.

The main problem is not everyone has a mute button on their mic, so instead of just in game chat you could end up hearing everything on the other side, an I assume most people wouldn’t want to have to deal with unplugging their mics all time if they don’t have at least a temporary mute option.

Top 10 Reason Why Not:

  1. Kids getting yelled at by mom for being on the computer too late
  2. Fapping when introduction of female characters will be all over in woods
  3. I sing loudly, especially when stalking prey
  4. Kids continuously being yelled at for other things
  5. Husbands being yelled at by wives for not giving them enough attention
  6. Claims of hacking more abundant in voice chat
  7. Wives being yelled at by Husbands for not cleaning up after dinner
  8. Other voice program overlays will go into game
  9. Sexual Content
  10. Sound relays from speaker to mic over and over.

I really like this idea and the reasoning behind it, but from a more practical sense I don’t think it will ever work.

Or~, you’d get groups of people setting their default microphone to an unused line-in that never gets any signal and manually setting TeamSpeak / Ventrillo / Mumble / Your Mother / Skype to use their microphone. It’s quite easy to do on all of these, and if you use Virtual Audio Cable or a similar program to split audio for recording, it gets even easier.

God no ! i rather have a MUTE x player option instead. There’s nothing more annoying than listening to that 12yo boy who keep yelling,putting retarded sounds or trashtalking nonstop on V.

Can you imagine walking on a crouded area ?

Rather than forcing mic on, i would like to see outside chat programs like teamspeak and mumble banned. Nobody can talk top their friends irl that are miles away without having everyone else in the vacinity hear them shout…
If you dont want to use ur mic for “proximity” chat, then use the global typing function

tape the button down?