Keep Upright Advanced

I didn’t like the default keep upright in gmod13 (mainly because you can’t adjust it), so I thought a good way to learn Lua would be to make my own!
Keep Upright Advanced is kind of like the gmod12 keep upright tool, but with more options.

There are 4 keep upright modes:

  1. Use prop’s angles
  2. Upside-up
  3. Upside-down
  4. Use Pitch/Yaw/Roll

Personally I find the “upside-up” setting the most useful since you don’t need to rotate/snap the prop’s angles before using the tool, and it’s also useful for PHX cubes with identical sides, when you’ve forgotten which side is the prop’s up-side.

This probably isn’t nothing too special, I made it mainly because I wanted to learn Lua and didn’t find it on the workshop :).

–> Download link <–

–> .Zip archive <– (if you want to look at the source code or putting it on a server)

Can we have a link? I know it’s in the vid but page should have it regardless

Sorry, I thought it’d be enough to have it in the video. Here it is, also added it to the OP:

I found it.

If you think the tool is useful please support me by using the link I provided instead - It supports me for creating the tool and it’s just a 6 second countdown for you <3

Zip link: