Keep Upright Tool...?

Hey guys, I’m a Gmod veteran that has been out of the loop for far too long lol. I’m having an issue with how to use the Keep Upright feature (among many other things, but first things first) since the Gmod 13 update. I know that if you hold the C button and hover over a model you can bring up a short menu that includes no collide, keep upright and a slew of other things. You can apply, or remove Keep Upright on a model by simply ticking the option, however i can’t find for the life of me how to adjust the Angular Limit. Has anyone figured out how to play with the settings for Keep Upright yet? Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

I haven’t found a way either. It may be one of those features that went AWOL, like the prop spawner and RT camera.

Press and hold c near the prop, then right click the prop you want to keep upright. Then select from the dropdown menu keep upright.

He wants to set the angular velocity, however Garry removed that it seems.