Keep Zombies

I think that zombies shouldn’t be removed. If you guys are removing zombies at least make them into mods or something.

Without any enemy AI there will be drastically more KoS. Having only players to shoot at.

They’re not removing all enemy AI. They’re replacing zombies with something else.

Exactly. They should add in something more fitting to the theme, like more animals or rogue soldiers, ect.

I’d be fine with zombies being kept as a mod.

As for the vanilla game though, I want to see them gone, and as fast as possible.

Zombies could pretty easily be called Mutants (or Muties) and basically be the same minus the groans. I like the idea of muties, rogues and some more rare but nasty animals (cheetah, lion, etc.)

I also like the idea of mobs ranging from 2 to 20 baddies. It would be awesome to have to work together to defeat mobs of bad guys as opposed to mobs of players just being jerks. I would have gladly given them my torch or bandages (but let me keep my rock!)

Gorillas would be a pretty cool replacement IMO. They’re large, threatening, intelligent, etc. This would explain why they would distribute “loot” like the zeds currently do. They could also use rudimentary weapons against the players like clubs or stone axes.

Just an idea.

I like this idea too. Kind of like in some MMO’s have like a “world event”. Have mega large zombie hoard that has one super zombie or baddie that just randomly spawns. Have more rare drops for those events.

Zombies are way over done.

Some-thing like this, will be hunting you at Night, rather then a mindless Zombie.

Radioactive Death Animals.

~ C

we can only hope so

Need to have smarter AI… like bandits that hunt in packs and raid, etc…

Changing the zombies into mutated humans isn’t happening, as garry has said in the past.

Seen the chickens?

Oh my… I’m terrified! :tinfoil:

How about Non-Barking Bears zombies?

This is yet again an alpha game and they won’t be working on small things like that at the moment. They will alter all sounds eventually like they have been doing but they are really busy with all the work they have now.

rabid pandas

The thing is right now the AI is really stupid… (see: zombies)

Give it 6 months. Zombie factories and split town can be replaced by military bases armed with more intelligent guards.


I can imagine rust as having a " normal wildlife " during the day and during the night everything changes and you really need to fight for survival.

Making coop more necessary is a good thing for me. 99% of the rust playerbase right now are a bunch of dicks ( no offense ).

Chickens fighting you… Seriously, and they want it realistic?

jeez -_-

It is realistic :v: