Keeping a button disabled after Derma is closed

I’m making a derma where when you click a button a 10 minute timer will start and it will disable the button until the 10 minutes are over. My problem is, when you close the frame and re-open it with the command it basically creates a new frame making the button un-disabled so it’s use-able again.
Broken down Example:
I press the button, it tells me I have to wait 10 minutes to use it again.
I close the window/frame and re-open it and the button is use-able again.

I’ve tried to make it when you close it you aren’t really closing you’re just making it invisible with DFrame:SetVisible(false).
Then when I re-open it just re-enables the button.

If anyone has an idea or fix to this, that would be awesome, thanks.
I’m not asking you to code this for me, I’ve obviously made it this far, I just need some tips possibly hooks to use.