Keeping menu open for keyboard input.

I need my menu to act like the build menu(Q) in sandbox where it will stay open after you select a box to input text or numbers. Every time I select a box to input text in the whole menu closes because I let go of the Q button.


I have also tried parenting everything to the same panel an other random things. I know there is one little option you need set to keep the menu open while inserting text in a box on your menu.

It needs to be a DFrame

Neverminddd, I was thinking too much into it.

Parent to an invisible DFrame, ta-da, you’ve worked around the problem.

I tried that, I parented the ControlPanel to my main DFrame and it still closes when I try to change a setting. I have an idea of what might be wrong though I’m going to try, it’s a little more annoying than I thought it would be though.

I looked over some old stuff I did and finally figured it out, thanks. (: