Keeping the Balance Peasants vs Raiders (or other groups?)

Hey guys,

(This maybe a rant) I just wanted post my thoughts and see other people’s thoughts on a particular subject = Keeping the balance between Peasants and Raiders.

Just for clarification (These are based on stereotypes at least I have come across while playing):

-Peasants are the players who primarily play the game to build stuff and gather materials. While they are not the best of fighters they are excellent at gathering materials, building structures etc. They primarily rely on structural defenses and hiding spots to keep themselves safe. Usually thinks defensively.

**-Raiders **are players who primarily play the game to hunt other players and use their materials to survive. Rather than using there materials to build defenses and impressive structures, they spend their materials to create weapons. So while they might not be the best builders, they are skilled fighters. They will often kill any peasant or groups of peasants, whether the peasants are in a small hut and naked, or in a fortified structure. Usually thinks offensively.

Like I said before, they are just two basic stereotypes that I have come across while playing. Their could be people who fall in between these two groups, or that that fit in neither of them.

Anyway, the concern I have is that lots of players seem to be complaining and asking for features that less the power of the raiders. However, I have not seen any complaints from the raiders side. So this makes me wonder, does the game favor Raiders over Peasants as of now? Is it changing?

Also, there is something I would like to say as a word of caution for players who think this game is just for building. (note: I guess you could class me as a peasant, I am not a good fighter, but I will happily gather materials for people :rolleyes: ) . Alot of people who get raided all the time tend to hate raiders, which is understandable. However, the thing is, that is part of the game. I was told this by a Raider after he raided my house and killed me and my friend. While my friend express his dislike to Raiders, the raider simply said “that’s just how you play the game.” He had a valid point. Think of it like Cartoon Network’s Dexter’s Laboratory. DD always causes trouble for Dexter, who just wants to work on his experiments in peace. However, imagine the show without DD. All Dexter does is build stuff. And to be frank…that would be kind of boring to watch. Now, I know that many players (like myself) just want to build in peace. But there are peaceful servers out there.

What do you all think?

I think the people who complain about raiders lack perspective. Sure, it sucks to die and lose all your stuff. But look at it a different way. Now you can pick a new place to live and build yourself a bigger, better home.

It sucks to fall down, but it’s always exciting to step back up further than you’ve ever been before.

This is the only way it should be looked at: Do people play games to be bad at them or good at them? Obviously, its the latter, and in this game every time you can kill someone will better your own position. So raiders raid everything because lets face it, they are smart and realize they can get more resources and stay ahead of the curve in a shorter period of time than just looking for nodes. This game was never designed to be like a Minecraft (Which everyone somehow inherently thinks its supposed to) so people need to get out of a mindset that things should be equitable/easier. Just because you didn’t stay up until 5 am to secure your base like someone else, doesn’t mean that it should be catered to you (This is for the haters that complain they have jobs and cant be up all the time) The game is designed this way for a reason, freedom, that a hardcore can spend 24 hrs if they choose , or a baddie can spend 5 hours and run around with a rock. It should not be catered to a casual player, like so many other bad games have done.

Edit: And casual players have a place in this game, its called private run servers - go find one that fits your play style