[KELLNE] Textures ! ! !

I decided to create just one thread where I put all textures from games :slight_smile:
I will edit the list when adding new textures :wink:

Mirrors Edge: 1 2

Beyond Good & Evil: 1

Splinter Cell: 1

Prison Break: 1 2

[18+] The Velvet Express: 1

Ice Age 2: 1

JFK Reloaded: 1

GTA San Andreas: 1

Hotline Miami: 1

Miami Vice: 1

Mount & Blade: 1

Open Season: 1

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012: 1

Scribblenauts Unlimited: 1

Spider-Man 3: 1

Shrek SuperSlam: 1

Ski Sniper: 1

Hogs of War: 1

Tekken: 1

Crescent Suzuki Racing: 1

Project Nomads: 1

Jack Keane: 1

7Days: 1

Imscared: 1

I See You: 1

Tap Heroes: 1

Taxi Racer London 2: 1

Assassins Creed III: 1

Ostrich Island: 1

State of Decay: 1

BeamNG: 1

Little Nightmares: 1
Amazing Frog: 1

Sniper Elite V2: 1

Legend of Kay: 1

Crysis 2: 1

Dead Island: 1

Watch Dogs: 1

Prototype 2: 1

Arma II: 1

Beyond Normandy: 1

What’s the point of having texures without meshes/rigged models?

So these are model textures? I thought they were terrain/level textures.

Without the models the textures are kinda pointless.

These are all kinds of textures. Characters, faces, clothes, grass, buildings, weapons, armors, hair, glassess, eyes.

You can use almost every texture without model :wink:

Lad, those are the textures that I’m pretty sure requires a model.

Ok, I think it’s clear you are not seeing the picture here.

Map textures are understandable, but model textures are usually used for a specific model only due to the way on how the UV maps are set up for those textures.

So basically in layman terms, these textures can only be used in conjunction with a model only. Like other people in the thread said, without the models, these textures are worth nothing.

Well, they could be useful if they were for games whose textures were previously unextractable, but their models were. Like the Wolfenstein and Doom megatextures for a long time.
But at least regarding Mirror’s Edge, i don’t think that’s the case here.

Guys :confused: You can use textures for grass, walls, sky and things like this.
Build roads or pathways with this.

In every Texture Pack there are lot of world textures and some character textures.
You can use world textures how you want :slight_smile:

Just remove the character textures from the packs. Or leave some model-unspecific textures like eyes, reflections and whatnot in.

It’s nice and all that you extracted those model textures as well, but it’s hard to use them without their corresponding models and they therefore needlessly inflate the archive size and download time.

If you still insist on keeping them, then at least put them into a seperate archive…

Dude, world textures are good. Grass, buildings, we are not complaining about those.

But the character/gun/armor/face/whatever ones are a waste of space. They only work with the accompanying model, and are worthless without it.

In other words, be more selective than just pointing your batch ripper at the entire game and zipping the folder of extracted textures without doing any sort of sorting. That is of little value to anyone except digital archivists. Anyone actually wanting to make use of any texture designed to go on a mesh needs the model as well, and without it, you’re just wasting their time and bandwidth.

Be less careless about it.

Jesus why all of you cry about models :confused: You dont need to download my textures.

And If somebody want, pick one game from the list and I will upload models :wink:

We don’t cry about models, we complain about the model-specific textures being included.

But if someone wants to, he’d have to download some unnecessary/useless stuff with your useful rips of grass and building textures.
That’s the equivalent of me offering a cure to cancer for free, but only if you also take 1 bag of dog food… Kinda.

Heck, you can include the models in that model-texture archive if you want to, but please separate them.

Many people do not have the unlimited, high speed connections you need to download willy-nilly.

Wasting bandwith on something they cannot even use is bad for these users.

And even for normal users, downloading a larger file just for the sake of worthless textures that will just take space is a bother.

maybe you can upload the whole rip of this beyond good & evil snapshot. it looks like it includes some more detail textures for jade that are not inclu in that other package on here.

“Hey, here’s what you could do to make your contributions more valuable with just a little extra effort.”

k, well, don’t complain to us when this thread fades because nobody else wants to deal with your low-effort unsorted rips.

the “low effort” doesn’t even matter. if you stop this discussion here, the thread is dead. nothing to talk about. just a list update. and to say “cool textures” or self bumping. so… yes… it’s a meh thread design. it’s really bad.

anyway. the offer stands. ask for models. whatever the ninja can spew out i guess. props should work. some characters maybe too.

just btw @kellne. you should save the png files with transparency. some things require that. like green and alpha DXT5 normal maps. those normal maps in the spiderman archive are broken and useless. and… you gonna upload the complete ‘good and evil’ ninja rip? or i seriously gotta dig in the files? i got textures but models are a different beast. i’d prefer the rip rather then mashing with those files. so… do me a favor. :smile:

I dont understand about that RIP ? You mean you want models from that game ? Or you wanna screen of textures in that archive ?

how’d you get the textures? to me it looks like you just used ninja ripper and repacked the files. that means you should have another folder with a bunch of .rip files with the meshes. or not? that’s what i’d like to have. is that hard to understand? :smile:

Oh nice. I transfered .rip files to .obj for better using :slight_smile:

I will upload that models from Beyond Good & Evil. But give me some time :wink:

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If you want models + textures from game that isnt on the list feel free to suggest me that game :wink: