Kenner T2 Endoglow Terminator

This seems like the right place to ask about this. I have been trying to model the Endoglow Terminator “Mint On Card” in Blender to scale with ingame items.
It’s quite a detailed and extensively difficult program to work with for an absolute novice with no experience and I can’t seem to make it the way I need to. Even with help from YouTube tutorials.

Now, I am looking to find someone who would be willing to help me make this for the Garry’s Mod Steam Workshop. Not for my own workshop mind you, but just so the idea itself lands on the Workshop.
Mostly, I want to inspire others to also put their favorite toys as a model into Garry’s Mod.
The link above shows an outline of what I am trying to convey in a picture, with the (rather lowres) images that I was using as textures.