KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON - Oxide | Basic Economy | Starter Kit | PVP | Friendly and Helpful Admins

New server as of 3/22/14

How To Connect:

  1. Open Rust
  2. Hit F1 to bring up the console
  3. Type net.connect and press enter

While we build a steady population the starter kit will include 1000 wood to help you get started building! This will NOT be permanent, and the 1000 wood will be removed in a few days!

Once connected, type /help to get info on all the commands available. The basic economy plugin is installed, allowing you to buy/sell pretty much every item in the game. Earn money killing players and wolves/bears!

Also, the removal tool is installed. Type /remove to turn it on/off, then hit whatever item you’ve placed to return it to your inventory.

We are always taking suggestions on how to improve the server. If there’s a plugin you think would be fun, let us know!

We are currently considering the “Purge” plugin, where once triggered by an admin all doors become unlocked for a set amount of time forcing players to defend their bases or be raided! This will be announced well in advance to give players time to prepare, and will not occur without plenty of warning. Most likely it will be only on Saturday nights, or whatever becomes the peak time for player population.