Kermit The Frog Playermodel

This is my first Garry’s Mod addon, and my first playermodel too!

Download it here!

i can never sleep again

“Joel, did you download boobs again!?”

Out of curiosity does it include c_models? I’d love to see the spindly green fingers on the SWEPs because it just seems hilarious to me.

Actually never saw this coming.


I haven’t learned how to make c_models yet… .-.

Alright, so I’ve made some viewmodel hands. I can spawn them in as an effect in Gmod. How do I make it so the viewmodel hands are used when the Kermit model is selected?

player_manager.AddValidModel( "kermit", 				"-- The model path of the player model goes here." )

player_manager.AddValidHands( "kermit", "-- The c_hands model path goes here.", 0, "00000000" )


Put that in the player model’s autorun lua.

Many Thanks! :goodjob:

the hardest part of making this addon was getting the hands to look right… Sorry if they look like ass ._.