Kermite SVN

Is there an SVN for kermite’s various weapon mods? Because when I download something off of SVN it loads at 205 kbps, and when I do it off of it loads at 3 kbps. And SVN is also superior to other mods in a variety of other ways. Can you help a mingebag out?

Probably not.

Thats because runs off Garrys worst servers from the looks of it, it doesn’t help there are hundreds (if not thousands) of file requests going through at once.

Get a download accelerator like DownThemAll (Firefox plugin). It helps a lot.

Link pl0x

What other good weapon packs are there? Preferably SVN ones.

None really, barely anyone uses SVN, it’s normally only used by big projects who update often, nor something SWEPs tend to do.