Kermite's Rifle Pack??

I saw this on and I’m not sure if it’s the real thing.
I’m still downloading, of course.
From KermitethefrCg??

its fake

It’s not, kermite hasn’t sayed a word about the pack, in fact, he hasn’t sayed a word at all

Oh snap Im late!

Ah, I’m pretty sure there’s some cause for suspicion. The uploader’s username is kermitethefrcg (with a ‘c’ to resemble the ‘o’) and according ‘View Contents’ option it contains no files whatsoever.

I just made a help thread about this, I saw this and looked in the folders. I got trolled so bad :comeback:

So what is in the file nothing right

Ive seen 3 threads about this already :geno:

rate them clocks

no if you download this file it will delete your other kermite SWEPs packs but here is the fix if you do

I’m sorry if this is way too late and I’m being a stupid freak, but WTF? It says FILE NOT FOUND. Did you guys just fail to notice the big bold red letters?

That’s because the Moderators have taken care of it a long time ago. :frog:

If you are able to see only big red text, You have to train your eyes to see that you bumped a thread what is about 10 months old.

I have seen so many people make their profile name to something like Kermite’s, and than upload a virus, or something that breaks the Kermite packs and makes them not work. It is going overboard it seems now…