Kermites "Rifles"

See that? Looks like Kermites, right? I think someone is doing something wrong here - look at the username. And when you open the lua folder, it doesnt have any LUA in it.

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section - I don’t know where else to put it. It’s been released and it’s supposedly scripted weapons… so don’t ban me please, just move this.

There is NOTHING in any of the other folders, either. So that means only the model files are in there, in the LUA folder. There is nothing in the materials, models, or sounds. And the info.txt has nothing in it, either.
I don’t know if this is old news, but it suprised me.

I believe it is a fake, as it is not created by the original kermitethefrog. if you copy his name and make it bigger in word or something, it actually says kermitethefrcg. Notice the C? This could be a virus, someone should check.

Once I saw the c in the name, I canceled the download.

This seems really fake if you ask me.


Okay, Garry needs to take this off it’s just models, what an asshole.

Scanned it with my anti-virus and comes up clean, so I guess it’s just a dick trolling us.

I just came here to ask, I canceled it. I got my hopes up.

there are 4 other threads on this
yes it is fake
they are mostly on the facepunch section

wow, what a dick. I was getting excited. It’s people like this i hate in our world.

I heard it actually deletes all the other kermite sweps.

Not possible. You can’t use file.delete outside of the data folder. I don’t think there’s any other way around it either.

It probably screws up the spawnlist by replacing it with a blank one.

Kermite said he’d do snipers first.

At least one good thing came of this: Kermite’s real stuff is all front page from people looking it up.

ya i found out the hard way i cant find the model files can you temme what thay are so i can remove them

This does nothing at all. It doesn’t delete anything, and doesn’t hurt your comp. Also, Gmod is fine. BTW, I didn’t notice it was fake. It did piss me off though.

it changes the read me.txt or the info.txt to a empty file so essentualy it makes them useless i downloaded put the files their overwritted the info.txt and went into Gmod n they were gone so i assumed it was the info.txt n sure enough it was.

it does it removes ur kermite packs

Thats because of info.txt replacement.

File deleated. I feel there is no more need for this thread.

Admin, lock this please.