Kermites Sweps for SAWpack

Ok so here it is, I made a thread for my sweppack for the SAWpack

SWEP pack 2.1 is out:

I have included the hands fix in this update so it works now
here is the link to the original sawpacks
which you need for these sweps to work;7147947;/fileinfo.html

This last patch adds another 40 weapons that arent finished but useable
it also finishes the first 40 sweps with sounds and weapon balances

Here are some screens of guns in testing and such





I love this just because it has a decent amount of pistols.

awsome man love this weapons keep it up :slight_smile:

I have a problem with this,most of the weapons have the same reload sound,is anyone else having that problem?

no no thats my own fault
rember these sweps are still beta
so they have a long way to go

Why the hell did the Colt 45 have 45 rounds in one mag?

Because its still in beta give him some time

I see a SAW pack 2 in the video and another pack. Are they up for download or are they not. Nice sweps by the way


Please upload just the models needed for the weapons you’ve made…

the second swep pack comes out this friday
with a patched version of the first pack (silencer function, correct magazine sizes, reload sounds and other small issues)
the last pack i showed in the video is a full model/swep pack im making which woltn come out for quite a while but i promise it will be big
gonna include a huge selection of pistols, smgs, rifles, hmgs, ect. im looking to make it cover about 100+ to maybe 150 sweps and ill upload it in categories so you only have to download the weapons you want
like for instance if you want the pistols pack you just download that one or if you want all of them you can download them all

You mean the models are in packs right?
If so that would be fucking awesome!

yes ill probably have that one in 2 or 3 weeks if you dont mind the wait

Anyone going to reupload this?

Cant wait for this friday

its a day early

Tip: The MP7 only has 20-40 round standard magazines, the 45 round magazine from HL2 is entirly fictional.

wow thankyou for catching that i was so sure i fixed it

Now this is some serious hardware. must have taken you long to code those. They are all so perfect. Almost makes me want to download them.

Shit!(edit lol)
When I saw the minigun I was definetly sure to download this. :stuck_out_tongue: Great job.

A bug regarding the silencers:
When attaching a silencer on any gun capable to do so, the gun/rifle always fires a single round before continuing with the animation.