Kermite's Weapon Realism Update

This is my weapon lua relism patch for All of Kermite’s packs:

Please comment and thank u all :smiley:

Not very good :confused:

5-7 hours?
For that?
Well I hope this isn’t your first, or third piece of work…

Atleast you gave credit to Kermite unlike a few other people

Would be nice if you explained the changes.

i changed mainly the weapon recoil, some damage, rate of fire (main change), some clip sizes, and 1 or 2 more i can’t remember :smiley:

So, you fixed the rate of fire of the SMGs? As far as I remember that was the main problem of the SMGs

hey if anyone also can re-upload kermites sniper pack i would appreciate it if u did thanx :smiley:

I think you can’t reupload reported and then deleted content, even if you didn’t make it in the first place :cop:. Worth trying.

ok can i get help i need the kermite machen gun pack cuz when i dl it i did not get the models for it and i cant find it on garrys mod


Why did you waste your time?