Kernel process died BSOD when playing Rust (Requesting some help over here).

Hello there,
Just today i keep receiving a BSOD [ kernel-Power Event ID : 41 && BugcheckCode 239 ] after 10-20 minutes playing Rust, and yeah it only happens when i play Rust ( plus all other options are already cleared out just to point that as well which means ( ramtests, chkdsk, psu failure tests, gpu and so on )) and i was looking for a solution to my problem, because it keeps bugging me( can’t let me play properly lol), haven’t changed anything used any tweaks or whatever, it’s just this problem started happening from today, never ever had it before and i play Rust since it very first began since Legacy (btw dunno if any more updates took place just today & that may be the source of the problem).
So i would like to post first things first my pc specs & if anyone can figure a solution out that would be great.
My pc specs are :
CPU : i5 4670k
RAM : Corsair Pro 16gb ddr3 2133mhz
MOBO :Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC
GPU :Gigabyte G1 970 GTX
PSU : Corsair TX 650

Operating System : Windows 8.1 x64
I can even post the minidump if anyone wants that as well.

Please if i can receive any kind of help anytime soon, because it literally kills my gaming i would appreciate it a lot.
Thank you very much in advance.

PS : Since it’s kinda late i’m gonna give it a try myself as well tommorow, but if anyone is aware of any launch options to point out for Rust &/or any tweaks that can get me playing without this constant Kernel BSOD, i will glady use them as well, as long as it will just run properly.

Rust shouldn’t be capable of causing BSODs in the kernel. It doesn’t have the access rights to crash Windows.

What version is your Nvidia drivers?

Hello there elixwhitetail, as far as i’ve seen some others were facing the same issue while playing Rust. Anyways i recently updated my Nvidia drivers to 358.50 , but i was already playing Rust for like more than a week when i updated them without any problems.

Monitor your system temperatures, particularly your GPU temperature, closely, while playing. It’s probably not temperature problems, but it could be and we want to rule that out.

Also, verify Rust’s file integrity in Steam, in case there’s an actual file corruption causing the problem.

I’ve already monitored my GPU temperature to be honest, the only thing that i haven’t done so far is check my PSU for low wattage while i’m gaming, cause this is the only reason i can think off. I will go to verify now Rust’s file integrity and I’m going to monitor PSU behavior & let you know. Thanks for ur help so far, appreciated.

If you can upload the crash dump with latest timestamp in C:\Windows\Minidump, we can check what is causing the crash. It sounds like a crash due to faulty hardware, corrupted RAM or gfx card driver crash as elixwhitetail suggested.

I want you to do one more thing, and it’s okay if you wait until tomorrow if you don’t have time. This is going to alter the selection of servers available to you, but it’s temporary and just for testing. After you’re done testing you’ll be able to go straight back to the servers you usually play on (when the computer isn’t crashing).

Instead of launching Rust from Steam, open up Rust’s folder inside your Steam install (Steam\steamapps\common\Rust) and run RustClient.exe to load the game.

When you do this, you are probably going to see only a handful of servers, and I warn you right now that they MAY be full of hackers because these servers operate with the default cheat protection disabled. However, because we only want to see if this crashes you, don’t worry about trying to get blueprints and finding supplies to build a base, since you probably won’t be coming back to whichever server you pick when this is done.

If, after 30 minutes, Rust has not crashed, shut it down and reopen it from RustClient.exe and play again. Try this a few times, and if things are normal (not counting any hackers), go back to launching Steam as normal and see if everything explodes like it is now.

If your system doesn’t crash during the RustClient.exe sessions, but does when you launch from Steam, I think I know where the issue might be. Good luck!

And knubbe is on the ball tonight.

Τhe problem is solved, there seems to have been a conflict in a weird way with the Wifi freezes and the GPU itself, in the end i clean formatted, placed new drivers to the Wifi adapter and now it seems to be fine. I already stress tested every part before that and no errors beyond this. In the end problem solved, thanks everyone for his support. Have a good one :wink:

For future reference and helping around, i would like to say to everyone if he keeps getting random BSODs using a wireless card, trust me it’s the wireless card itself, i am getting Internet from my neighbor for 1 year almost and it seems to me that when my Wifi lags, it keeps crashing the computer itself. Therefore if your computer components are working fine, especially if u test them afterwards the only solution to the problem is the wireless card itself. Especially some “stupid” don’t wanna point out company names etc wireless cards, can make the OS and the system freeze for hours. I just witnessed that even after a clean format, when i tried to download torrent+steam game etc. It instantly froze the computer, so that’s the reason i was getting also the BSOD’s of Kernel Process Died. Just a heads up for someone out there facing the same problem, have fun guys.