kernel32.dll crash

Last night, Garrys Mod was working perfectly fine and I havent had any issues with it up until now. This morining I launched Gmod and made a single player game and it crashes half way through loading saying that the crash has something to
do with kernel32.dll. It sometimes shows an error to do with ntdll aswell. Im not sure what to do from here as I have rebooted and updated my drivers. Id really like to avoid a re-install if possible.

So, a BSOD, yes? Post full STOP code/message, and the video card you are using. Make sure you have all the latest Windows updates.

Nah not a BSOD. Just a: Garrys Mod has stopped working message.
12GB of DDR3 ram
2TB WD Green HDD
GTX 570 1.3GB
Windows 7 Ultimate latest update
i7 2600k

Uh, how do you know it has something to do with kernel32.dll? or ntdll.dll?

It says so in Show Problem details.